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Driven by Nature is an initiative of a group of enthusiastic sailors. As the name suggests, nature and its secrets are central to the adventures we want to make together. Traveling by sea has something magical, sailing the unknown, the tension with the elements and the search for harmony with it, that is what gives peace and freedom. You get to dance with the Wind on the rhythm of the Ocean wich is an indescribable inspiration to the core of our being.

Reset, reload your battery, mental and physical to keep up with the pace of our current life. Under the power of sail, exploring virgin waters and imposing landscapes. We believe slowing down is the new speeding up. Sailing connects, and brings out the best in people.

Live the dream!

Enabling the dream of global sailing through adaptable, step-by-step participation

Of course we also love to tackle and enjoy sailing on itself, beating up wind,  putting a second reef in, getting a refreshing splash of salt water on your face or a lovely surf down the Ocean swell at 15 knots of speed. Racing against our own polar. Keep it Safe together and watch each other’s back. Work together as a team and merge into one. Experience the dynamics of interdependence, it’s a great feeling. The ultimate Teambuilding.  

We believe that there are many people who dream of sailing, or even Circumnavigation around world. But it is a big step, and if one dares to take it, it takes years of preparations. Quit your job, probably selling your house, who takes care of family, what about friends? Are the children joining? Does your partner share this dream?  Big steps…..  but Don’t let it fade away. 

Driven by Nature is here to set up a movement that will turn this dream into action. Sail together in legs.
From a holidaybreak for couple of weeks or a sabbatical for several legs at once. 

We have a development program to grow from participant to crewmember or even to skipper.
We believe in absolute safety, Good awareness and skills are key to this. Therefore we encourage all our crewmembers to get their Yachtmaster Offshore certificate and Skippers their Yachtmaster Ocean certificate.   

Driven By Nature actively makes Sailing and Circumnavigation accessible for anyone, she makes sailing and cruising towards new discoveries accessible. Combining learning by doing. Mile builders for your traject to Yachtmaster or just for fun.

Sail with us around the world leg by leg, whenever you can make time for it.

Connect and join us!

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Our professional skippers are experienced and knowledgeable, not only in sailing skills but also in group dynamics.


Chief Instructor


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Skipper / Yachtmaster Instructor


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Skipper / Cruising Instructor


Skipper / Yachtmaster Instructor




Skipper / Yachtmaster


Yachtmaster / Racer


Skipper / Yachtmaster


Skipper / Cruising Instructor

Join our team!

Our professional skippers are experienced and knowledgeable, not only in sailing skills but also in group dynamics. They are Tuned in to meet your needs.

Flexible ports

Each course has its own preferences. Our flexible home base design allows us to create the optimal course.

The IJsselmeer and the Wadden. The North Sea and the Zeeland waters. The Biesbosch and the lakes and rivers from Rotterdam. With nature, old towns or beach. With space, action, and coziness. And all the pleasures of the two major port cities: Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Nestled on the shores of the IJsselmeer, directly facing open waters, Regatta Center Medemblik stands as a jewel of maritime excellence. Its location is picturesque, set against the backdrop of Medemblik’s ancient city walls and the historic Radboud Castle. A mere stroll away lies the charming center of this historic town, inviting visitors to explore its quaint streets and cozy ambiance.

Sailing Conditions: Offers a range of sailing experiences, from challenging conditions with 35 knots of wind to more tranquil 10-knot breezes. It’s always a delightful adventure to sail here.

The Regatta Center is more than just a marina; it’s a vibrant hub where the spirit of sailing and competition converge. This dynamic combination fosters an atmosphere of activity and enjoyment, making it a favored destination for sailors and visitors alike. It’s easy to see why this harbor is so beloved. From here, one can embark on an array of sailing adventures. To the north, the Wadden Sea beckons, with its UNESCO-listed landscapes and unique tidal flats, where sandbanks emerge and recede with the rhythm of the sea, presenting both a challenge and an allure for sailors. This sea is a haven for wildlife, especially seals and diverse bird species, adding to the richness of the sailing experience. The thrill of navigating these waters, whether under the push of a strong 35-knot wind or a more gentle 10-knot breeze, is unparalleled.

The Wadden Sea also serves as a gateway to the majestic North Sea and the beautiful islands of Texel, Vlieland, and Terschelling, each offering its unique charm and natural beauty. The coastal towns of Den Helder and Harlingen, set on the strong tidal waters, provide a perfect blend of nautical tradition and modern convenience.

To the south, the IJsselmeer unfolds as one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. Formed by the iconic Afsluitdijk, this vast body of water transformed from a salty inlet of the North Sea into a freshwater expanse, providing endless possibilities for peaceful inland voyages. The sea locks at Den Oever and Kornwerderzand stand as guardians of this aquatic treasure, controlling the flow between the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea.

The IJsselmeer is not just about its size; it’s a sanctuary for birdlife. The renowned Bird Island in its midst is a testament to the area’s ecological significance, drawing birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike. And let’s not forget the beautiful towns dotting its shores – Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Makkum, Hindeloopen, and Stavoren, each with its unique character and rich history.

Regatta Center Medemblik is thus more than a starting point for various sailing routes; it’s a destination in its own right. It encapsulates the best of historical ambiance, modern facilities, and diverse sailing opportunities. Sailing from here is not merely about navigating the waters; it’s an embrace of the unique blend of history, nature, and maritime adventure that these Dutch waterways so generously offer.

At the IJ near the center of Amsterdam lies the modern marina Amsterdam Marina with berths ranging from 7 to 30 meters for annual rental and visitors.

Sailing Area Overview: Amsterdam IJ, North Sea Canal, and Sea Locks

Amsterdam IJ:
Location: Near the heart of Amsterdam, this area is home to Amsterdam Marina, a modern facility offering a unique urban sailing experience.

Features of Amsterdam Marina: The marina accommodates a wide range of vessel sizes and is a perfect starting point for exploring Amsterdam’s waterways or heading out towards the North Sea.

North Sea Canal (Noordzeekanaal):
Connects to North Sea: This canal is an essential route for both commercial and recreational vessels, linking Amsterdam to the North Sea at IJmuiden.
Sailing Experience: It offers a mix of industrial and natural scenery, with a straight route to the sea, making it a key waterway for sailors in the region.

Large Sea Locks of IJmuiden:
Function: These locks are crucial for regulating water levels and maritime traffic between the North Sea and the North Sea Canal.

Importance for Sailors: They are a gateway for sailors traveling from the inland waters to the open sea, accommodating various vessel sizes.

Oranje Locks (Oranjesluizen):
Location: Situated at the eastern end of the North Sea Canal, leading to the Markermeer.

Role: These locks play a vital part in water management and are a key transit point for vessels moving between the North Sea Canal and the Markermeer.

This region, encompassing the Amsterdam IJ, North Sea Canal, and the sea locks, provides a diverse range of sailing experiences, from the urban charm of Amsterdam Marina to the expansive waters leading to the North Sea. It’s a blend of modern marina facilities and historic waterways, offering both convenience and adventure for sailors.

Marina Stellendam is located on the Haringvliet near the Haringvliet locks, directly on the inside of the Goeree sea lock, with berths ranging from 8 to 24 meters for annual rental and visitors.

For current operating times of the Goeree Lock, see the Waterway Information from Rijkswaterstaat.”

The Haringvliet and the Goeree sea lock are notable sailing areas in the Netherlands, each offering unique characteristics and experiences for sailors.

Location: The Haringvliet is a large water body in the province of South Holland. It’s part of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta and formed by the damming of the estuary of the Haringvliet as part of the ambitious Delta Works project.

Sailing Experience: It’s known for its relatively calm waters, making it ideal for both novice and experienced sailors. The wide expanse of water offers ample room for sailing, and the scenery is typically Dutch, with open skies and flat landscapes.

Surrounding Areas: The Haringvliet is bordered by picturesque towns and nature reserves, providing scenic views and opportunities to explore ashore. These include places like Hellevoetsluis, a historic fortified town, and Tiengemeten, a nature island.

Goeree Sea Lock
Location: The Goeree sea lock, located near the town of Stellendam, controls access from the Haringvliet to the North Sea. It’s an essential part of the region’s water management and maritime navigation.
Sailing through the Lock: Sailing through the Goeree sea lock is an experience in itself. It serves as a gateway for sailors transitioning from the inland waters of the Haringvliet to the open sea.

Challenges and Opportunities: The lock’s operation can be influenced by tides and weather conditions, making it crucial for sailors to be aware of the current operating times and regulations.

General Characteristics
Nature and Wildlife: The areas around the Haringvliet and the Goeree sea lock are rich in wildlife, especially birdlife, making them attractive for nature enthusiasts.

Marinas and Facilities: The region is well-equipped with marinas like Marina Stellendam, offering modern facilities for sailors. These marinas often provide access to various amenities and are starting points for exploring local attractions.

This region is a blend of historical significance due to the Delta Works project and natural beauty, offering a distinct sailing experience that ranges from tranquil inland waters to the more challenging conditions of the North Sea.

In the center of Rotterdam, at the Kop van Zuid, lies the modern marina Rotterdam Marina with berths ranging from 5 to 50 meters for annual rental and visitors alike. It is fantastic to sail down the Maas and through the Maas estuary to the North Sea. Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world, and this is evident.”

Sailing Experience in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Marina:

Location: Strategically located at the Kop van Zuid in the heart of Rotterdam.

Facilities: Offers a wide range of berth sizes, accommodating everything from small leisure boats to larger yachts.

Sailing on the Maas:
Experience: Sailing down the Maas from Rotterdam Marina offers a unique perspective of the city and its bustling port activities.

Route: The journey takes sailors from the urban center, past industrial areas, and eventually to the Maas estuary, leading to the North Sea.

Access to the North Sea:
Advantage: The location provides direct access to the North Sea, making it ideal for sailors looking to explore beyond the inner waterways.

Scenery: The transition from the river to the open sea offers a diverse and engaging sailing experience.

Rotterdam’s Port:
Significance: As one of the world’s largest ports, Rotterdam’s maritime environment is dynamic and vibrant.

Impact on Sailing: The presence of a large port adds to the excitement and complexity of sailing in this area, with plenty of opportunities to witness maritime operations on a grand scale.

Sailing from Rotterdam Marina is not just about the journey on water; it’s an experience enriched by the city’s maritime heritage, its status as a major global port, and the seamless blend of urban and sea environments. This makes it a unique and exhilarating destination for sailors.

Port Chantereyne, located in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, presents a unique blend of maritime history and modern facilities, making it an ideal destination for boaters and maritime enthusiasts. Established in 1975, the port brings leisure boating right into the heart of the city​​​​.

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Our boats at the RYA Recognized Training Centre are top-of-the-line, ensuring the highest safety and performance standards. We equip each yacht with advanced onboard equipment, adhering to strict safety norms. After every journey, we meticulously maintain our fleet to keep it in peak condition. Emphasizing sportiness, we focus on sail trim and provide multiple sails to adapt to various weather conditions, ensuring an enjoyable sailing experience in all conditions.

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Beneteau First 40
The First 40 in the racing version is an excellent vessel that stands out in the competitive circuit. The results prove that the boat doesn’t shy away from competing against much more Spartan rivals. Besides its racing aspirations, the boat is well-equipped for longer journeys; its interior has foregone excessive luxury in favor of functionality, aligning well with the sporty…
Beneteau First 45
The Beneteau First 45 is a remarkable sailing yacht known for its blend of performance and comfort, making it a popular choice in both racing and cruising circles. This yacht is praised for its sleek design and impressive sailing capabilities, often emerging as a strong contender in regattas.
Jeanneau 54
The Jeanneau 54 is a luxurious and innovative sailing yacht, designed for both comfortable cruising and impressive performance. It stands as a testament to Jeanneau’s commitment to quality, elegance, and seamless functionality. This yacht is particularly favored by sailors who seek a blend of grandeur and seaworthiness.