RYA Qualifying Ocean Passsages


RYA Qualifying Ocean Passsages

Muliple options


* Not included in the price is transportation to and from the Marina and all costs ashore, such as food and drinks.


  • Professional RYA Instructor (ratio 1/4)
  • Cruising Performance Class (Sail wardrobe on board)
  • High safety standards (Epirb, Radar, Liferaft)
  • Lifejacket Spinlock (PFD)
  • All nights aboard (shared cabins)
  • All meals and drinks onboard (cook together)
  • Bed linen and Towels
  • Yacht consumables (Mooring fees, diesel fuel, gas)
  • Free parking (Medemblik)
  • Memories of a lifetime
COURSE package

Arranged lunch/diner (week groceries)

At DBN we want to make the most out of our day of training. Arranging groceries at the start of your course doesn’t add to your learning curve so we arrange this for you where other companies don’t.

Harbour fees

Fuel cost

Bed linnen/towels

€ 212,50

Ocean Passages:

We plan ocean trips on request with a minimum of 4 participants. Please contact us for more information.
  • Den Helder – Faroe Islands
  • Cherbourg –  Azores
  • Canaries – Cape Verdie
  • Vigo  – Maidera
  • Maidera – Azores

What You will learn

  • Making a ocean passageplan
  • Use a sextant
  • Astronavigation Sun, Polaris and Moon
  • Using eletronic plotter
  • Use Radar
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Engines
  • Skipper Abilities on long passages
  • Leadership
  • Emergency situations in depth
  • Maintenance and Repair Work
  • Yacht Handling confined space


RYA Qualifing Ocean Passage Certificate of proof

Next Step ——–

RYA/MCA Oral Ocean exam
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate

RYA Ocean Passage

The RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Passage presents a prestigious opportunity for aspiring sailors seeking to earn the esteemed title of Yachtmaster Ocean, as well as for those adventurers yearning to immerse themselves in the challenges of offshore sailing across the vast expanse of the ocean. Our programme is meticulously designed to undertake two qualifying passages exceeding 600 miles, offering an array of Ocean Passages to cater to a broad spectrum of sailing enthusiasts.

This initiative guarantees that every crew member aboard will not only assume responsibility for the vessel but also take on the role of watch leader. Embarking on a return journey offers the unique benefit of making two attempts at acquiring sight readings, a crucial step in fulfilling the comprehensive RYA/MCA Requirements necessary for proceeding to the oral examination.

A qualifying passage, as defined by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), is a distinct category of sailing expedition that satisfies specific criteria essential for Ocean sailing qualifications. It involves a continuous journey of at least 600 nautical miles (or 96 hours), traversing the open sea, with the participant serving as either the skipper or the watch mate throughout the voyage. This journey is further enriched by the practice of celestial navigation techniques, such as sightings of celestial bodies like stars, planets, the moon, or the sun, to ascertain the vessel’s precise location.

Key requirements for a qualifying passage include:
– A minimum distance of 600M, with at least 200M navigated more than 50 miles from land or charted navigational objects;
– A duration of at least 96 hours;
– Comprehensive involvement of the candidate in the passage’s planning and preparation stages, covering navigational plans, examination of the yacht’s condition and its equipment, and provisioning of spare gear, fuel, water, and supplies;
– The candidate’s responsible management of the vessel, either as the sole charge of a watch or as the skipper;
– Mastery in navigating a yacht at sea using astro navigation, incorporating the planning, reduction, and plotting of sun-run-meridian altitude or sun-run-sun sights, along with a compass check using the sun, moon, star, or planet bearings.

The essence of these qualifying passages lies in showcasing the candidate’s practical competence in offshore or ocean navigation and seamanship, ensuring they are fully equipped to manage extended voyages safely across the seas.

Setting sail from the historic port of Cherbourg in France, this passage takes you across the vast expanse of the North Atlantic to the enchanting archipelago of the Azores. This journey is a test of endurance and skill, offering sailors the chance to navigate through the open ocean, with the reward of discovering the lush, volcanic landscapes and warm hospitality of the Azores. Ideal for those seeking to refine their blue-water sailing skills, this passage combines the challenge of long-distance ocean sailing with the allure of remote island exploration.

Embark on a voyage from the Dutch shores of Den Helder to the rugged and mystic Faroe Islands. This passage presents a unique opportunity to experience the North Sea’s challenging conditions, navigating through unpredictable weather and strong currents. Sailors will witness the dramatic landscapes of the Faroe Islands emerging on the horizon, an unforgettable sight marking the completion of a passage that blends the thrill of open-sea navigation with the beauty of northern Europe’s most secluded destinations.

Journey from the Canary Islands, a crossroads of sailing routes, to the captivating islands of Cape Verde. This passage is a blend of cultural discovery and ocean adventure, offering sailors the chance to experience the trade winds that have guided explorers for centuries. The route promises clear skies, steady winds, and the thrill of Atlantic sailing, culminating in the rich cultural tapestry and warm, turquoise waters of Cape Verde.

Begin in the historic Spanish port city of Vigo, setting course for the subtropical paradise of Madeira. This passage is a journey through diverse maritime conditions, leading sailors through the rich biodiversity of the Atlantic Ocean. The approach to Madeira reveals a stunning landscape of steep cliffs, lush greenery, and vibrant floral displays. This passage is perfect for sailors looking to experience the blend of European charm and exotic island beauty.

Sail from the enchanting island of Madeira to the Azores, exploring the deep blue waters of the North Atlantic. This passage offers sailors the chance to hone their ocean navigation skills, with the Azores serving as a beacon for those seeking adventure amongst its verdant landscapes and geothermal wonders. The journey from Madeira to the Azores is a testament to the spirit of exploration, offering breathtaking natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and the serene isolation of the open sea.