Greece and the amazing Cyclades

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Sailing Greece

Aguably the best place in Europe to go sailing.

Greece has so much to offer that you will want to have enough time to explore their unique nature, culture and heritage. If you’re on of thigh schedule, there is a possibility that you won’t have enough time to truly enjoy their beauty and your sailing in Greece experience.

There is nothing better than sailing through the Cyclades in October with DrivenbyNature. This fantastic adventure trip has everything you could wish for. Sunrises in lonely coves, dolphins, barbecues on the beach, hot springs, short walks to small towns and much more.

Starting from Lavrion is a great choice for a one week holiday being only 35 minutes from Athens airport and having its own charming town harbour this is an ideal starting point if you’ve got a week out on the water. There over 220 islands to explore in the Cyclades with the most popular islands being Santorini and Mykonos.

In this area you can expect winds that make for thrilling saiing it is the perfect route for the keener sailor. The winds are something to consider here, similar to our one week Mykonos route as the Meltimi blows heavily during the summer season, up to Force 6 making it an exhilarating sailing ground for an experienced crew.

The Cyclades are fairly far south so experiences a warm summer with temperatures up to the mid 30’s in peak season.

Paros is one of the most popular islands in the Cyclades and a great place to begin your sailing holiday. Famous for its traditional Greek architecture, stunning beaches and lively nightlife this island is the perfect spot for all.

6000 Islands

After checking and enjoying your first night queyside in Paros you are free to start your sailing holiday. As you set off East from Paros you will sail by two fairly big islands, Naxos and Armorgos. Armorgos is covered in natural beauty and is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The island has lots of traditional Greek architecture and fabulous beaches with crystal clear waters.

Antiparos, the ancient Oliaros, can be a daunting but worthwhile destination. The chief place clusters round a Venetian castle “Kastro” which is a prime example of the fortified Cycladic settlements created in the Venetian period (13th – 16th century). Its foundation dates back to the mid-15th century when the Venetian Giovanni Lorendano espoused Maria Sommaripa who ruled the island. Eventually, the Ottomans conquered the Cyclades, including Andiparos, in 1537.

Although Mykonos is a quiet island that invites relaxation by the Mediterranean Sea, after sunset Mykonos becomes a hot spot of nightlife with plenty of alcohol and high-class bars that attract celebrities, VIPs, vacationers and locals and shake the coast. We show you the best nightclubs on the island. A typical evening on Mykonos begins with an aperitif at a beach bar. From there it’s time to recharge your batteries in a restaurant, followed by a cocktail in one of the many bars in “Little Venice”.

As you sail around the Cyclades you will never forget the beauty of each individual island, lined with traditional Greek houses and stunning beaches.

Visit Santorini in the South and Folegandros or Sifnos in the West. Santorini is one of the most photographed Greek islands, and it’s not hard to see why with its blue domed churches, white washed iconic houses and mesmerising views out over the Aegean. Nestled away from all the package tours and holiday makers is Folegandros. It is one of the smaller Cyclades Islands and truly stunning with its rugged cliffs and white washed houses.

Sifnos is a very popular island in the Cyclades and is a favourite ferry stop, with ferries arriving from all over the Cyclades. It is also a favourite stop for sailors as the port is lovely and there is lots going on in the island.

Visit Kea as your last stop before heading back to base. Kea is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades archipelago; home to stunning beaches, clear waters and traditional Greek villages. If you’re a keen walker, then you’re in luck as Kea is a walker’s paradise. Explore a myriad of ancient paths throughout the island, which lead you through olive, fruit and oak trees so you can marvel just how lovely Kea is.

Give yourself enough time to get back to base though as you need to be back at base the night before check out.