La Coruña – Brest (Cross Biscay)

7 days
22 JUNE 2023 - 29 JUNE 2023
La Coruna (ESP)
Brest (FR)
400 NM
All Inclusive (cook together)
€ 1.895,-

Trip Highlights

  1. Departure from La Coruña: The excitement of setting sail, feeling the vessel come alive under you, and watching the historic city of La Coruña fade into the horizon.
  2. Arrival at Ria de Cedeira: The serene beauty of anchoring in a tranquil cove, surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Ria de Cedeira, perfect for preparing for the journey ahead.
  3. Entering the Bay of Biscay: The adrenaline rush as you enter the challenging waters of the Bay of Biscay, a rite of passage for every serious sailor, where the sea tests your skill and resolve.
  4. Night Sailing Under the Stars: The magic of sailing through the night, under a canopy of stars, with the rhythmic sound of the ocean and the gentle rocking of the boat creating a surreal experience.
  5. Sunrise and Sunset at Sea: Witnessing the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the open ocean, moments that capture the awe-inspiring beauty and vastness of the sea.
  6. Dolphins and Bioluminescence: The possibility of encountering dolphins playing in the boat’s wake, and experiencing the natural wonder of bioluminescent organisms illuminating the water at night.
  7. Arrival and Celebration in Brest: The sense of accomplishment as you reach Brest, reflecting on the journey and celebrating the experience with your crew, a fitting culmination of an incredible sailing adventure.

These highlights will make your sailing trip an unforgettable experience, filled with the essence of adventure, beauty, and the timeless allure of the sea.

How Adventure works

Our adventure voyages are intimate and exclusive, welcoming a maximum of 6 guests, accompanied by 2 skilled crew members. At the helm is a highly experienced Yachtmaster skipper, whose expertise and passion for sailing are matched only by their knowledge of the seas. Alongside, a dedicated first mate ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey for all.

Our yachts are designed for comfort and intimacy, featuring three double occupancy cabins, each boasting cozy double beds, ensuring a restful retreat after a day of adventure and exploration.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a curious novice, this journey is for you. You don’t need any prior sailing experience to join in on the fun. In fact, most of our participants book solo, making this an ideal opportunity to meet new people and forge friendships amidst the backdrop of the sea’s ever-changing canvas. It’s more than a voyage; it’s a chance to step out of the ordinary, to learn, to connect, and to discover the joy of sailing in good company.

Trip day to day

Our adventure begins with a gentle sail to the charming town of Ria de Cedeira, allowing everyone to get accustomed to the ship. We’ll anchor in a stunning cove, preparing for the significant crossing ahead. The journey to the French coast involves sailing through the night in a three-watch system. With favorable weather, this will mean approximately three nights of sailing, with the exact arrival port guided by the wind.

As the morning sun lifts above La Coruña, our vessel cuts through the calm waters, departing towards Ria de Cedeira. The crew, brimming with anticipation, busies themselves with the rhythm of the sea, tuning into the vessel’s needs. As night falls, we’re cradled by the gentle motion of the ocean, sailing under a canopy of stars, bound for new horizons.

The second day greets us with the quaint beauty of Ria de Cedeira. Here, in this serene cove, the anchor drops, and we embrace a moment of tranquility. This day is for preparation and reflection, for the Bay of Biscay waits for no sailor. The crew bonds over tales and plans, while the cove whispers the ancient stories of the sea.

With the break of dawn, we set sail into the Bay of Biscay, a challenge revered by seafarers. The sea tests our skills and spirit, as we adapt to its ever-changing moods. Night brings a ballet of stars overhead, while the crew, in their three-watch dance, maintains a harmony with the elements.

In these two days, our vessel becomes one with the vast ocean. Each sunrise and sunset paints a masterpiece of nature’s glory, while the moon casts its silver path across the waves. We might glimpse dolphins, playing in our wake, or marvel at the sea’s own starlight, shimmering beneath us. Our resolve is tested, our spirits lifted, and our journey etched into the very fabric of our being.

Should the winds be kind, we find ourselves in the embrace of Camaret sur mer. This harbor, a sanctuary for sailors, allows us to stretch our sea legs and breathe in the land’s scents. The quaint streets tell their own tales, and we, as transient guests, listen and learn, gathering memories to take back to the sea.

As we sail into Brest, the journey’s end, there’s a sense of fulfillment in the air. The challenges faced, the beauty witnessed, and the bonds forged are now part of our story. A meal, more than just food, becomes a celebration of our adventure, a toast to the sea, and a nod to the future voyages that call our names.


La Coruña – Brest (Cross Biscay)

Start and End Dates 22 JUNE 2023 - 29 JUNE 2023
Start and Endpoint
La Coruna (ESP)
Brest (FR)
Boat Beneteau First 45
Duration 7 days
Spot Availb. 5
Solo Spots Yes
Level Intermediate
Cost € 1.895,-

* Not included in the price is transportation to and from the Marina and all costs ashore, such as food and drinks

Trip includes

  • All nights aboard (shared cabins)
  • All meals and drinks onboard (cook together)
  • Bed linen and Towels
  • Yacht consumables (Mooring fees, fuel, gas, water)
  • Professional RYA Instructor (ratio 1/4)
  • High safety standards (Lifejackets, Epirb, Radar, Liferaft)
  • Cruising Performance Class (Sail wardrobe on board)
  • Memories of a lifetime

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