Channel Islands & Bretagne


Channel Islands & Bretagne

English Channel

* Not included in the price is transportation to and from the Marina and all costs ashore, such as food and drinks


  • Experienced Skipper YMI and Crew
  • Comprehensive Safety Equipment
  • Hands-On Sailing Experience
  • All Meals and Beverages Onboard
  • Shared or Private Accommodations
  • Onboard Entertainment and Learning Materials
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Wildlife Watching Opportunities
  • Environmental Conservation Focus
  • Adventure Activities
  • Airport Transfers and Local Transportation

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Important Travel Details:

Flight and Hotel Guidance for Your Journey
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Adventure Sailing package

All Meals and Beverages Onboard:

Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared meals and a selection of beverages throughout your journey.

Marina Fees / Reservations:

All costs associated with marina stays and reservations are covered. Inluding entry into protected natural areas are included, allowing for worry-free exploration of beautiful reserves.

Fuel Costs:

Fuel expenses for the duration of the course are included, ensuring hassle-free sailing.

Bed Linen and Towels:

Comfortable bed linen and towels are provided for your convenience.

Cleaning Services:

Professional cleaning services are included to maintain a tidy and hygienic environment onboard.

Trip dates

For certification, you must complete a minimum of 5 days of training or alternatively, three weekends.
Channel Islands & Bretagne
07 Jul - 13 Jul
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
22 Jul - 29 Jul
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
04 Aug - 10 Aug
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
11 Aug - 17 Aug
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
01 Sep - 07 Sep
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
08 Sep - 14 Sep
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
15 Sep - 21 Sep
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
22 Sep - 28 Sep
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
29 Sep - 05 Oct
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
06 Oct - 12 Oct
Fully booked
Channel Islands & Bretagne
13 Oct - 19 Oct
Fully booked

Trip Highlights

  1. Nighttime Navigation to St. Peter Port: Experience the thrill of navigating by starlight and transit lights, as you make a nocturnal approach to the charming St. Peter Port in Guernsey.
  2. Exploring the Serene Island of Sark: Discover the untouched beauty of Sark, a car-free island, where you can anchor in a secluded bay and explore its rugged cliffs and tranquil coves.
  3. Vibrant Jersey and St. Helier Harbor: Sail to Jersey and experience the lively atmosphere of St. Helier, entering its harbor in the evening hours, adding an element of excitement to your navigation.
  4. Sailing Past Mont Saint Michel: Witness the breathtaking sight of Mont Saint Michel from the sea, a moment that beautifully blends sailing with the awe of historical architecture.
  5. Granville’s Coastal Charm: Visit Granville, a picturesque French town known for its rich history and cultural heritage, providing a perfect blend of scenic beauty and historical exploration.
  6. Alderney’s Peaceful Retreat: Enjoy the tranquility of Alderney, a quiet and charming island, offering a peaceful break and a chance to reflect on your sailing journey.
  7. Flexibility with a Reserve Day: Benefit from a reserve day factored into your journey, allowing for adaptable sailing in harmony with the tides and weather, and providing an opportunity for unexpected adventures and exploration.

How Adventure works

An adventure voyage takes maximum 5 Guests and 1 Crew.
A very experienced skipper (Yachtmaster). Our yachts have double occupancy cabins, with double beds.

You don’t need to be an experienced sailor to join. Most participants book alone.

Trip day to day

Sailing the Tides of Adventure: A 6-Day Voyage through Channel Islands and French Coasts

Embark on a thrilling 6-day sailing journey, where the majestic tides of the Channel Islands and the enchanting French coast become your playground. Navigate the night into St. Peter Port, uncover the hidden beauty of Sark, and feel the pulse of Jersey. Glide past the awe-inspiring Mont Saint Michel en route to Granville, and pause in the serene Alderney. With a reserve day for tide and weather, embrace the spontaneity of the sea, ensuring every moment is tailored for optimal sailing. This isn’t just a trip; it’s a narrative of adventure, skill, and the sheer beauty of sailing in harmony with nature’s rhythm.

Following is an example of how this adventure-trip might unfold:

The adventure begins in the storied Port Chantereyne of Cherbourg, where the sea whispers tales of historic voyages. We cast off, our sails catching the brisk Normandy breeze. As the French coast fades, the excitement of navigating strong tidal waters takes hold. The crew is alert, every eye on the swirling currents, every hand ready. We steer through the changing tides, our course set for Guernsey. The night sky is our canopy as we slice through the waves, a dance with the sea’s rhythm. The Alderney Race’s notorious currents challenging our skills. We navigate with precision, feeling the boat respond, a testament to our teamwork and the yacht’s grace. Alderney emerges, a rugged beauty. We sail with a thrilling nighttime approach to St. Peter Port, Guernsey. Darkness envelops us as we expertly navigate by transit lights, with the sea shimmering under a starry sky. It’s a dance of light and shadow, each wave bringing us closer to the harbor. Adrenaline rises as the lights of the port draw nearer, a welcoming beacon in the night.

At dawn, we set sail towards the enchanting island of Sark, anchoring in a secluded bay. The morning is spent exploring its serene beauty, immersing ourselves in a land untouched by time. As the afternoon sun begins to wane, we hoist our sails for Jersey, heading towards St. Helier. Our evening arrival at St. Helier’s harbor is a navigational feat, skillfully steering through the changing tides and dimming light, adding an element of excitement to our journey.

Day 3 takes us towards Granville. We sail past the majestic Mont Saint Michel, a sight that leaves us in awe. The silhouette of this ancient abbey, rising from the sea, is a moment of pure wonder. Our course weaves through the tidal waters, each turn a testament to our sailing prowess. Arriving at Granville, we’re greeted by the charm of this historic French town.

Our return journey to Cherbourg begins, with a stop at the ruggedly beautiful Alderney. The island offers a peaceful respite, a chance to reflect on our adventures so far. We explore its quaint charm, enjoying a moment of tranquility before setting sail again.

On the final day, we take a leisurely sail back to Cherbourg. This day allows us a buffer for any weather changes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable conclusion to our journey. The sea is calm, and the sky is clear, perfect conditions for a reflective and serene end to our adventure.

This 5-day journey is not just a sailing trip; it’s a narrative of navigating through challenging tides, discovering hidden gems, and experiencing the sheer beauty of the Channel Islands and the French coast.

In the spirit of true sailing, we allocate a reserve day in our 5-day journey, a prudent measure to align with the ever-changing tides and weather. This day is not just a buffer but an integral part of our adventure. It allows us to embrace the natural rhythm of the sea, ensuring we sail with the tide, not against it. This flexibility is key to a successful voyage, giving us the freedom to adjust our course and timing for the safest and most enjoyable experience.

This additional day also offers an opportunity to further explore the islands or the French coast, depending on where we find ourselves. Whether it’s an extra morning in the quaint streets of Alderney, a leisurely afternoon sail around Sark, or even a spontaneous exploration of a newfound cove, this day ensures our journey is not just about reaching destinations, but fully immersing ourselves in the beauty and unpredictability of sailing.

Our 7-day narrative, enriched by this reserve day, becomes a true testament to the art of sailing – navigating challenging tides, discovering hidden gems along the Channel Islands and the French coast, and most importantly, respecting and harmonizing with the powerful forces of nature.

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