Grenada to St Vincent and the Grenadines


Grenada to St Vincent and the Grenadines


* Not included in the price is transportation to and from the Marina and all costs ashore, such as food and drinks


  • Experienced Skipper YMI and Crew
  • Comprehensive Safety Equipment
  • Hands-On Sailing Experience
  • All Meals and Beverages Onboard
  • Shared or Private Accommodations
  • Onboard Entertainment and Learning Materials
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Wildlife Watching Opportunities
  • Environmental Conservation Focus
  • Adventure Activities
  • Airport Transfers and Local Transportation

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Important Travel Details:

Flight and Hotel Guidance for Your Journey
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Adventure Sailing package

All Meals and Beverages Onboard:

Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared meals and a selection of beverages throughout your journey.

Marina Fees / Reservations:

All costs associated with marina stays and reservations are covered. Inluding entry into protected natural areas are included, allowing for worry-free exploration of beautiful reserves.

Fuel Costs:

Fuel expenses for the duration of the course are included, ensuring hassle-free sailing.

Bed Linen and Towels:

Comfortable bed linen and towels are provided for your convenience.

Cleaning Services:

Professional cleaning services are included to maintain a tidy and hygienic environment onboard.

Trip dates

For certification, you must complete a minimum of 5 days of training or alternatively, three weekends.

Trip Highlights

  • Grenadian Gateway: Set sail from Grenada, the ‘Spice Isle’, where fragrant nutmeg scents the air and the promise of adventure stirs with the breeze.
  • Ronde Island Reverie: Drop anchor at Ronde Island, an untouched paradise where the serenity of nature speaks louder than words.
  • Carriacou Charm: Explore Carriacou’s rich cultural tapestry and vibrant marine life, a perfect snapshot of Caribbean bliss.
  • Union Island Unfolded: Discover Union Island’s dramatic landscapes and bustling markets, where the local spirit is as captivating as the scenic vistas.
  • Mayreau’s Magic: Moor at Mayreau and wander its idyllic sands, where every footpath leads to breathtaking views and intimate beachside encounters.
  • Tobago Cays Tapestry: Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Tobago Cays, where sea turtles glide beneath you and coral gardens dazzle in the sunlight.
  • Bequia’s Beckon: Conclude your journey in Bequia, a haven for sailors and a gem of the Grenadines, where traditions sail on and the past meets the present in harmony.

How Adventure works

Embark on a sailing holiday with Driven by Nature, where traditional seamanship meets modern adventure. Here’s how it all comes together for an unforgettable journey:

1. The Vessel: Our spacious catamarans accommodate up to six guests across three double-occupancy cabins, each outfitted with cozy double beds, making these voyages ideal for couples, families, or groups of friends. Our yacht features four cabins, ensuring comfort and fostering camaraderie among guests.

2. Crew Composition: Each voyage is guided by a highly experienced Yachtmaster as your skipper and a skilled first mate, both committed to ensuring your safety, comfort, and enrichment throughout the journey.

3. Journey Schedule: We set sail every Saturday at 17:00 and return two weeks later on Saturday at 10:00. This schedule allows for a thorough exploration of our chosen route and plenty of time to enjoy each destination.

4. What’s Included:

  • Meals and Drinks: Enjoy a simple breakfast and lunch daily, accompanied by soft drinks. Special dinners and alcoholic beverages are managed through a communal kitty.
  • Navigational Fees: All fees related to charter & berth, harbour, and port procedures are covered.
  • Mooring Expenses: We handle all mooring expenses, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Crew Service: Dedicated service from our professional crew is included.
  • Amenities: Fresh bed linen and bath towels are provided upon arrival.
  • Insurance: Yacht insurance is included, though additional personal travel insurance is recommended.

5. No Experience Needed: Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a complete novice, our crew is ready to teach you the ropes. You choose how much you want to participate in the actual sailing, with no prior experience necessary.

6. Booking Options: Most guests book solo and enjoy meeting new people, but private cabin bookings are available for an additional fee, ensuring privacy if desired.

7. Ideal for:

  • Adventurers seeking relaxation mixed with adventure.
  • Explorers looking for a personal, crowd-free experience.
  • Anyone curious about the cruising lifestyle or aspiring to become a skipper.
  • Families and friends eager to try sailing or convince others of its joys.

Set sail with us and discover a whole new world of travel as we follow the timeless call of the sea, creating lasting memories and learning new skills under the guidance of expert sailors. Join us on a route from Grenada to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and back, visiting enchanting locales like Ronde Island, Carriacou, Union Island, Mayreau Island, Tobago Cays, and Bequia. Experience the unparalleled freedom and beauty of life at sea with Driven by Nature.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a curious novice, this journey is for you. You don’t need any prior sailing experience to join in on the fun. In fact, most of our participants book solo, making this an ideal opportunity to meet new people and forge friendships amidst the backdrop of the sea’s ever-changing canvas. It’s more than a voyage; it’s a chance to step out of the ordinary, to learn, to connect, and to discover the joy of sailing in good company.

Trip day to day

Embark on a 14-day epic sailing adventure, journeying from Grenada to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and back. This voyage weaves through stunning tropical landscapes, immerses you in vibrant island cultures, and introduces you to the joys of sailing under expert guidance.

On a sailing boat the crew dynamic is the most important part of a successful and enjoyable adventure. Which is why we decide together which route we take, how long we spend in each place, and we all cook, clean, dine and go shopping together. We actively encourage you to take part in all types of activities, Scuba diving, kite surfing and any tours on land. If you want to fish, bring your own equipment but be prepared to share your catch. Serious relaxing is also highly recommended. However much you want to participate in the actual sailing of the boat is up to you we will have an experienced skipper Yachtmaster and a firstmate on board who will be more than happy to teach any crew member as much as they want. Starting with sailing holidays is a safe and enjoyable environment, especially with friends or family, to begin your journey into sailing. It allows everyone to learn the basics, build confidence, and create lasting memories together. The experience lays the foundation for future sailing adventures.

Our catamarans, offer plenty of space and comfort, welcoming a maximum of 6 guests in three double occupancy cabins, each boasting cozy double beds. These holidays are best suited to couples, families, or a group of friends. We start Saturday at 17.00 and finish two weeks later Saturday at 10.00

Following is an example of how this adventure-trip might unfold:

Begin your adventure at the marina in Grenada at 17:00. Meet your fellow sailors and the crew, set sail as the sun sets, and enjoy a welcome dinner onboard as you get to know each other under the stars.

Wake up to the open sea and a hearty breakfast as we make our way to Carriacou. Known for its coral reefs and vibrant culture, spend the day exploring underwater life or the colorful streets. Dine under the night sky, enveloped by the tranquil ocean.

Sail to Union Island in the morning to explore its lively market and stunning views from Fort Hill. Spend the afternoon enjoying local food and vibrant street scenes before a relaxing evening back on the yacht.

Anchor off the serene Salt Whistle Bay in Mayreau. Enjoy a day of beach relaxation or a hike to the old stone church offering panoramic views of the Tobago Cays.

Dive into two full days in the Tobago Cays Marine Park. Snorkel with sea turtles, kayak in crystal waters, and relax on pristine beaches. Nights are spent sharing stories and enjoying freshly prepared local seafood on deck.

Arrive in Bequia and immerse yourself in its rich nautical history. Visit the whaling museum, wander the Belmont Walkway, and perhaps see turtles at the sanctuary. Spend a second day relaxing at Princess Margaret Beach or sailing around the island.

Set off for the secluded Ronde Island, where unspoiled nature offers perfect snorkeling and paddle boarding conditions. Enjoy the solitude and the untouched beauty of your surroundings. Visit Chatham Bay on Union Island. Snorkel in its protected waters, or enjoy a beachside barbecue prepared by local chefs, experiencing the flavors and rhythms of the island.

Sail to the exclusive island of Mustique. Explore its luxurious landscapes, celebrity-designed villas, and stunning beaches. Enjoy a cocktail at the famed Basil’s Bar. Continue to Canouan, where you can explore the lush terrains, play a round of golf on a world-class course, or relax on the quiet beaches.

Enjoy a full day at sea as we sail back towards Grenada. Participate in sailing with the crew, relax with a book, or take in the vast ocean around you, reflecting on the adventures of the past days.

In the true spirit of sailing, our 14-day journey includes a reserve day, wisely set aside to accommodate the unpredictable nature of the tides and weather. This additional day is not merely a contingency; it is a fundamental part of our adventure, allowing us to harmonize with the natural rhythms of the sea and ensuring we sail with the tide, not against it. This flexibility is crucial, affording us the latitude to modify our course and timings, thus enhancing both safety and enjoyment.

With this reserve day, our journey becomes more than a schedule to adhere to—it transforms into a true expression of sailing artistry, challenging us to navigate the tides, uncover the hidden treasures of the Grendadines, Granada and St Vincent, most importantly, to align with the formidable forces of nature.

Arrive back in Grenada early morning, allowing a full day to explore more of the island’s spice estates, lush rainforests, or relax at a beachside café. Enjoy a farewell dinner to celebrate the journey.

After breakfast together, it’s time to say your goodbyes. Disembark at 10:00, leaving with memories of a lifetime and perhaps a new passion for the sea.

This 14-day itinerary is designed to offer a balance of exploration, relaxation, and sailing education, ensuring a deeply rewarding and memorable sailing experience.

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