Sweden WestCoast Discovery


Sweden WestCoast Discovery


* Not included in the price is transportation to and from the Marina and all costs ashore, such as food and drinks


  • Experienced Skipper YMI and Crew
  • Comprehensive Safety Equipment
  • Hands-On Sailing Experience
  • All Meals and Beverages Onboard
  • Shared or Private Accommodations
  • Onboard Entertainment and Learning Materials
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Wildlife Watching Opportunities
  • Environmental Conservation Focus
  • Adventure Activities
  • Airport Transfers and Local Transportation

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Important Travel Details:

Flight and Hotel Guidance for Your Journey
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Adventure Sailing package

All Meals and Beverages Onboard:

Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared meals and a selection of beverages throughout your journey.

Marina Fees / Reservations:

All costs associated with marina stays and reservations are covered. Inluding entry into protected natural areas are included, allowing for worry-free exploration of beautiful reserves.

Fuel Costs:

Fuel expenses for the duration of the course are included, ensuring hassle-free sailing.

Bed Linen and Towels:

Comfortable bed linen and towels are provided for your convenience.

Cleaning Services:

Professional cleaning services are included to maintain a tidy and hygienic environment onboard.

Trip dates

For certification, you must complete a minimum of 5 days of training or alternatively, three weekends.
Sweden WestCoast Discovery
19 Jul - 29 Jul
4 spots available

Trip Highlights

  1. Oslofjord Experience: Begin your journey with the breathtaking scenery of the Oslofjord, offering a mix of natural beauty and a glimpse of Norway’s vibrant capital.
  2. Strömstad Visit: Explore Strömstad, a picturesque Swedish coastal town, known for its beautiful waterfront and rich seafood cuisine.
  3. Smögen’s Charm: Discover Smögen, famous for its lively harbor, colorful wooden houses, and the bustling Smögenbryggan boardwalk.
  4. Marstrand’s History: Sail to Marstrand, a renowned sailing hub, where you can visit Carlstens Fortress and experience the town’s rich maritime history.
  5. Vibrant Gothenburg: Experience the cultural and artistic pulse of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, known for its eclectic mix of modern and historic attractions.
  6. Varberg’s Relaxation: Unwind in Varberg, a coastal town celebrated for its fortress and therapeutic thermal baths, offering a relaxing break from sailing.
  7. Copenhagen’s Magic: Conclude your adventure in Copenhagen, Denmark’s enchanting capital, where you can explore iconic sites like the Little Mermaid statue, Nyhavn, and experience the city’s rich cultural heritage.

How Adventure works

An adventure voyage takes maximum 6 Guests and 2 Crew.
A very experienced skipper (Yachtmaster) and a first mate. Our yachts have double occupancy cabins, with double beds.

You don’t need to be an experienced sailor to join. Most participants book alone.

Trip day to day

This journey combines the thrill of open sea sailing with the exploration of unique coastal towns and cities, showcasing the diverse beauty and culture of the Scandinavian region.

Following is an example of how this adventure-trip might unfold:

From Oslo’s majestic fjords, our journey begins with sails unfurled. The city fades as we embrace the open waters, guided by the gentle whispers of the wind. Our first dinner, cooked aboard against a backdrop of the setting sun, is a taste of life at sea. The nightfall brings a peaceful calm, under the watchful eyes of the Scandinavian stars.

Riding the morning breeze, we set sail for Strömstad. The joy of sailing is in sync with nature’s rhythm. As we anchor, a swim in the cool, refreshing waters invigorates us before we explore the town’s coastal charm and end the day with a seafood feast on deck.

The voyage to Smögen is a lively dance with the wind. The sea’s hues blend with the sky, offering a panorama of tranquil blues. Anchored off Smögen, we dive into the crystal-clear waters, returning to a hearty meal prepared onboard, savoring the flavors of the sea.

Today, we sail to Marstrand, the sails billowing with a strong, favorable wind. The journey is as thrilling as the destination, with the sea’s vast expanse inspiring awe. In Marstrand, we’re greeted by the grandeur of Carlstens Fortress, a sentinel over the seas. Evening finds us sharing stories over dinner, the boat gently rocking.

The sail to Gothenburg is smooth, with the yacht slicing through the waves. It’s a day of pure sailing bliss, feeling the boat’s connection with the wind and waves. In Gothenburg, we bask in the cultural vibrancy, our onboard dinner reflecting the city’s fusion of flavors.

Our journey to Varberg is marked by tranquil seas and soft winds. It’s a day for relaxed sailing, feeling the rhythm of the water. The evening’s swim in the quiet bay is followed by a simple, yet satisfying meal under the stars.

Sailing to Halmstad, the coastline is our guide, its beauty a constant companion. Here, nature and art intertwine, offering a scenic backdrop for our day. The joy of cooking our catch of the day, paired with local ingredients, is a highlight, as we anchor in a secluded cove.

The sail to Malmö is a blend of past and future, as historic winds guide us towards modern skylines. We revel in the day’s sailing, the yacht an extension of ourselves. Anchored near Malmö, the evening is spent in culinary experiments, laughing and sharing beneath the moonlit sky.

En route to Helsingborg, we stop at Ven, a jewel amidst the waves. Here, the simplicity of sailing meets the grandeur of nature. A swim in the pristine waters is refreshing before we indulge in a picnic of local delicacies on deck, surrounded by the sea’s embrace.

As we sail towards Copenhagen, the journey’s end is bittersweet. The sea has been our home, the yacht our companion. Copenhagen’s sights welcome us, but it’s the sea’s call that we’ll remember. Our final meal aboard is a celebration of the journey, the friendships forged, and the sea’s timeless call.

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