Sailing Terms & Conditions

Your reservation om Driven by Nature (DbN) adventures, races, milebuilder or RYA courses is subject to our General Terms & Conditions (below) and the following Liability and Release. Please read these carefully and contact us with any questions or concerns.


In traveling to and from any sailing trip and during the sailing trip itself, there are certain risks and dangers, including but not limited to the hazards arising from the forces of nature, from living aboard ship, from accident or illness without medical facilities, and from travel itself. In consideration of, and as part payment for, the right to participate in any sailing trip, I hereby voluntarily assume all of those and all other reasonably foreseeable hazards which may be encountered on an sailing trip, including acts of God, detention, annoyance, weather, quarantines, strikes, civil disturbance, theft, government regulations, etc. I agree to hold Driven by Nature harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of action, debts, claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever, including but not limited to those arising from any loss, injury, damage, or inconvenience to person or property in connection with any sailing trip.



Reservations are limited and on a first-come basis. To reserve space on an sailing trip, you must return a signed embarking form or confirm our email, and pay a deposit of 50% of the full cost is required to secure your reservation, payable online through our website or via an Invoice payment. A SECOND DEPOSIT of 25% of the full cost is due 180 days (6 months) prior to departure. FULL PAYMENT of the total price of the sailing trip is due no later than 90 days (3 months) before departure.

We reserve the right to cancel if payment is not made on time. In such cases, all payments are non-refundable. All payments must be made in EUROS.

Cancellations: If you cancel your space, it must be in writing and is effective the day we receive it in our office. Your cancellation will entitle you to a refund of any deposit or payment made to us, less a cancellation fee, according to the below schedule. You may also transfer from one trip to another up to six months prior to the departure date at no charge; however, if you transfer less than six months prior to trip departure, you are subject to the stated cancellation fees.


Cancellation fee schedule:

Please note: All cancellation fees are enforced on a per person basis. Deposit terms for adventure sailing trip programs have stricter guidelines, as well as a higher penalty for last minute cancellation. adventure sailing trip dates are reserved sometimes 2 years in advance. DbN is agreeing to pay for the full vessel at the specific charter date regardless of how many sign-ups we have. In addition, charter companies require larger holding deposits further out from the start date that are non-refundable to us (cannot be recovered).


Effective Cancellation Date

Per Person Cancellation Fee

• 180 days or more prior to departure 50% of deposit payment

• 91 to 179 days prior to departure 75% of deposit payment

• 90 days or less prior to departure 100% of course/adventure/trip fee

Note: Cancellation fees apply to the entire sailing trip cost, including any air and land costs.

Transfers: You may transfer from one trip to another six months prior to departure at no charge. If you transfer less than six months prior to departure, you are subject to the stated cancellation fees.

Cancelled Trips: We reserve the right to cancel any trip prior to scheduled departure due to under subscription or logistical problems (vessel breakdown, strikes, etc.). You may transfer to another sailing trip or we will refund all payments made to DbN in full. In no event, however, shall our liability exceed the obligation to refund the amount you paid to us.

Refunds: Refunds will not be given for unused airline tickets, hotel rooms, meals, sightseeing trips, or sailing trip arrangements for any reason. Sailing trip costs are quoted as a package; credits are not given for services not used. If we can manage to sell the cancelled spaces, we will work to refund any costs that are recoverable.

Trip Cost Includes: Accommodations, some group flights and airport transfers as specified in the trip itinerary, excursions, most entrance fees, leadership, crew, local guides, most permits and most meals, unless otherwise indicated in the itinerary. DbN  reserves the right to make any changes in the itinerary or to substitute hotels, modes of transport, or guides, for those mentioned in the literature.

Trip Cost Does Not Include: The cost of international air to the tour starting point, unless otherwise indicated in the itinerary, airport taxes, passport and visa fees, immunizations, insurance of any kind, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, laundry, gratuities, excess baggage, items of a personal nature, medical costs, costs of hospitalization, additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, illness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control.

Air and Land Cost Combined: On some of our sailing trip, air fare and land cost are combined. In order to offer you special low cost air fares, we work with specific carriers for group bookings.


Trip Cost: We reserve the right to raise the trip fee if there are exceptional cost increases beyond our control. Liveaboard programs occasionally add a fuel surcharge that may result in an additional expense.


If, in the opinion of Driven by Nature, the number of registrations (participants) for a course, race or adventure trip is insufficient, Driven By Nature is free to agree with the Client that the course in question will be moved to a date other than that indicated by the Client when booking. If no agreement is reached between the parties about these change(s), the Customer has the right to cancel the relevant course, race or adventure trip free of charge.


Travel Protection Policy: We strongly recommend you obtain a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. Travel protection plans include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more. Forms are available through our office or your insurance broker. Travel insurance may reimburse you for nonrefundable air and sailing trip costs should you cancel or interrupt your trip. Most vessel accommodations are double but some are triple or quadruple occupancy. Cabins on charter vessels vary greatly in size, amenity and privacy.


Single Travelers: Single travelers wishing to share: if you are a single traveler wishing to share accommodations, we will try to match you with a roommate. If no roommate becomes available, you must pay the Single Supplement Fee listed in the trip description. If you request a single, private room you must pay the Single Supplement Fee listed in the trip description, regardless of sign-up date. Please note that single accommodations are not always available.


Airline Clause: The airlines and/or travel agencies concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are not aboard the aircraft. The passenger tickets in use by the airlines when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and the purchaser of these tickets or the passenger. Money paid to DbN  Sailing trip for air tickets is money paid in trust to the airlines and DbN  Sailing trip can assume no responsibility for fluctuations in price or scheduling, and in the event of a default, clients must look to the airline for refunds.


Budget Airfare Caution: We recommend against buying non-refundable airline tickets until your trip departure has been confirmed (usually a minimum of 120-90 days before departure). Budget air tickets often carry restrictions, and you risk penalties in the event of itinerary or date changes, or trip cancellation. Please call for departure confirmation before buying a high-penalty airline ticket.


Withdrawal: Driven by Nature reserves the right to require any participant to withdraw from an sailing trip at any time if the sailing trip director deems his/her acts or conduct to be detrimental to or incompatible with the interest, harmony, comfort or welfare of the sailing trip and her other guests. In such cases no refund will be given.


Medical: Although DbN  trips are not physically demanding, you must be in general good health to participate. It is the passengers’ responsibility to judge the appropriateness of their physical capabilities to these travel activities. Anyone with medical problems or restrictions must make them known to us well in advance of the trip and should have a personal supply of any special medications they may need. The trip leader has the right to disqualify any member from the group at any time if considered medically necessary; no refund will be made under such circumstances. DbN  Sailing trip and its affiliates take no responsibility for special arrangements required by passengers physically unable to complete a trip and assume no liability regarding provision of medical care or medical evacuation.


Smoking: Participants may not smoke on board on our chartered vessels.


Children on Trips: DbN  trips are adult-oriented, but some may be suitable for children, depending on the child’s age and experience. Anyone under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please call before sending a trip deposit for anyone under 18 years of age.

Suppliers of Services: DbN  Sailing trip is performing a non-profit service by informing potential participants of worthwhile sailing trip. However, DbN  Sailing trip is acting independently and has no business association as partner or joint venture with any boat owner, resort, hotel, carrier or other services. Any and all claims for inadequate performance or nonperformance of such services may be made against the supplier of those services but shall not be made against DbN  Sailing trip.


Baggage: Weight limits and other restrictions imposed by air carriers vary considerably from trip to trip. DbN  Sailing trip cannot assume any responsibility for loss or damage to baggage or personal property (see “Insurance”) or charge for excess baggage.


Membership Terms and Conditions:
Membership Inclusions Initial Membership: The membership of the association is included in the first course week for new members. Annual Renewal: The membership can be renewed annually for €25. Renewal provides continuous access to the following benefits:

Membership Benefits VAT Exemption: Members enjoy sports activities without the added burden of VAT. Sea Miles Bonus System: Members earn points for every activity, redeemable for discounts on future activities, merchandise, or exclusive events. Special Offers: Access to exclusive offers, including discounts on courses and equipment. Input on Milebuilders: Members can help decide on destinations and routes for adventure voyages. Special Features in Member Profile: Advanced features such as personal progress tracking and access to exclusive content.

Membership Obligations Active participation and engagement in club activities. Payment of the annual fee of €25.

Cancellation and Termination Members can cancel their membership at any time by notifying the club in writing. The club reserves the right to terminate memberships for rule violations or non-payment of fees.

By becoming a member, you agree to these terms and conditions.